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Welcome to the canvas of Cassandra Alexis...

Every model becomes a work of art at the hands of a photographer, and a few of these models like to actively participate in the artistic process. Cassandra Alexis happens to be one of those models, taking pleasure in helping to create the visions that you'll find here in the pages of Restrained Logic.

Each of the buttons on the left will lead you into a piece of her vision. The Members page will allow visitors who have joined the site to access complete photo sets, video clips and other goodies. The News page is the place to discover what has been going on here at Restrained Logic including updates, new models, and other interesting tidbits. Preview will allow you to see a sample of the most recent goodies hiding in the members section. By choosing a photo on the Models page you can unearth information about your favorite model. The Links pages can whisk you away to visit some of our friends, favorite stores and other interesting and useful places. Contact is the section where you can discover how to contact the correct person to deal with any questions you may have about Restrained Logic. Of course, Join will allow you to become a member and explore Restrained Logic to its fullest.

We hope that you enjoy your trip through A Study In Classically Elegant Seduction.

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