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11.12.04 - All recuperated after FetishCon, Cassandra's ready to bust back onto the scene...

07.08.04 - Now that Cassandra's feeling much better and the economy appears to be moving upwards again, it's about time we got back to business here at Restrained Logic!

04.18.04 - Now that the weather's warm, it's time to get back on track! Cassandra is gearing up for a busy season, and Tech is going to fire up more than the grill! In the meantime, enjoy our celebration of sunlight!

02.24.04 - Our new friend Sandra Silvers is putting together a campaign to keep models safe in these interesting times... check out the information on her site to see what you can do to help out!

02.14.04 - Cassandra and Tech rise from their hibernation just in time to give you a Valentine's Day treat. Stay tuned for a few changes in 2004!

12.13.03 - Cassandra and Tech paid a visit to the Urban Perspective Studio, the home base of Aye Provide. It was the first fetish shoot held in the space, and we all had a good time. Tech definitely sees possibilities there, and is looking forward to using the space again...

11.16.03 - Cassandra and Tech paid a visit to the InBondage studios for pointers and fun, and had a great time in the process. On an unrelated note, stay tuned for a few new features here at Restrained Logic.

10.14.03 - This weekend Cassandra and Tech went on a trip to visit Neo. Neo had plenty of predicaments for poor Cassandra, which you will get to see in future updates. One of the highlights was that she got a chance to try her first outdoor bondage. You can expect to see that sometime next month or so.

09.22.03 - Cassandra and Tech join forces to launch the new Restrained Logic website. As she sang "This Is The Moment" from Jekyll and Hyde, he pressed the button...

09.20.03 - Today was a busy day around the Restrained Logic studios. Early this morning Cordage and Bridgett Harrington came by to shoot a few sets. Although Hurricane Isabel had decided to spare us, the mosquitoes were not so nice... mistaking Ms. Harrington’s bound flesh for dinner. However, Cordage was still able to capture some great images including a set of Ms. Harrington and Cassandra bound together. After dark, Aye Provide came by and Tech shot some beautiful sets of this wonderful woman. Look forward to seeing these beautiful ladies in future updates.

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