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Cassandra Alexis - Set 17 Cassandra and Neo ring in the New Year in a slightly different way...

Cassandra Alexis - Set 16 This set contains all of Cassandra's favorite things that start with "C": corsets, chair ties, cuffs, collars and clamps!

Cassandra Alexis - Set 15 Hanging around after watching TV after Thanksgiving dinner takes on a whole new meaning for Cassandra.

Cassandra Alexis - Set 14 Neo was inspired by "Secretary" but thought it needed to go a bit farther...

Aye Provide - Set 3 Aye Provide playing it simple and sexy in cuffs and leg irons.

Cassandra Alexis - Set 13 Cassandra's not going anywhere anytime soon in a mini set by the fireplace.

Cassandra Alexis - Set 12 Some old shots of Cassandra during BondCon NY 2002.

Bridgett Harrington - Set 1 Time for some fun in the sun... Bridgett Harrington enjoying the great outdoors!

Cassandra Alexis - Set 11 Cassandra finds the great outdoors a little less relaxing than normal...

Aye Provide - Set 2 Happy Valentine's Day! Aye Provide hopes you'll be her valentine!

Cassandra Alexis - Set 10 Cassandra's workout is interrupted by a masked intruder who provides her with another type of workout...

Cassandra Alexis - Set 9 For the last posting of 2003, we get treated to a large bonus set of the glamourous Cassandra Alexis.

Cassandra Alexis - Set 8 Cassandra might be on Santa's naughty list, but it's nice for us... Happy Holidays!

Aye Provide - Set 1 Aye Provide wants to know what services she can provide for you!

Cassandra Alexis with Bridgett Harrington Girls who play together get tied together... Bridgett Harrington gives Cassandra a different kind of workout.

Cassandra Alexis - Set 7 Cassandra might not be a pumpkin, but she's definitely a piece of pie!

Cassandra Alexis - Set 6 What's the best way to keep Spiderwoman Cassandra from biting or spinning her web? Here's an idea...

Cassandra Alexis - Set 5 Cassandra continues to bask in the warm sunlight, finding it that much harder to move around...

Cassandra Alexis - Set 4 Cassandra was working hard in the office when she had an unexpected visitor!

Cassandra Alexis - Set 3 Cassandra trapped on a sofa... a ring gag served up with cleavage, then a ball gag completing a hogtie.

Cassandra Alexis - Set 2 Cassandra just wanted to show off her new outfit of PVC, fishnets and boots... however, Tech felt it was not complete without a matching ball gag.

Cassandra Alexis - Set 1 Cassandra glows, basking in subdued sunlight and the restricting caress of rope...

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